Thursday, February 13, 2020

City Agriculture - February 13, 2020

Sead microplanters - growing system using recycled plastic planters and chain link fence

Car Parks 2.0 - asphalt parking lots transformed into gardens and charging terminals for electric vehicles
Editorial Comment: Car Parks 3.0 said to be coming soon from Studio NAB

Smart Forest City for Cancun, Mexico "conceived to be completely food and energy self-sufficient"

LIFE Hamburg, a new energy self-sufficient educational campus that will “reinvent learning” for 1,600 students scheduled to open 2023, the solar-powered sustainable building will feature a carbon dioxide-absorbing green facade and an organic rooftop garden

Bangkok plans for miles of greenways

Largest green wall in Europe will absorb 8 tons of pollution per year

Detroit’s urban agrihood

Underground farm in Liverpool, UK
NB:  As long as it doesn’t displace the Cavern Club 

Pittsburgh’s urban gardens and gentrification

Half of new indoor growers have no ag experience
Editorial Comment:  This is a result of treating everything as an Internet start-up in the go-goingest of the Tech Boom years and the boom/bust cycle of the capitalistic structure of our present market system.

Sherpa Light - a tunable light to grow anything

Growing food in a refugee camp - mattresses as a grow medium

Thursday, November 7, 2019

City Agriculture - November 7, 2019

Net Zero plant-filled Singapore pavilion for Dubai’s 2020 World Expo

Forest planted in an Austrian stadium as an art piece:  For Forest - the Unending Attraction of Nature
Curator getting death threats from far right because of it

Self-charging solar electric vehicle with air purifying moss interior

UK’s WWII Dig for Victory campaign, by 1943, most households had their own garden plot, with businesses and public parks also giving land to food growing

Brisbane, Australia growing the largest urban farm network in the world

Living Pavilion in Annecy, France

ReGen Village - a real estate developer planning to build food and energy self-reliant communities

Mobile Food Lab in a refurbished bus

Cities and Circular Economy for Food

Algae wall for water purification

MIT Media Lab Open Agricultural Initiative closed
Editorial Comment:  MIT should be ashamed of itself for this fraud which may sully the reputation of genuine advanced agricultural research

Saving one of Manila’s last urban fields through collective farming

Friday, September 6, 2019

City Agriculture - September 6, 2019

How urban farms could solve future food problems

Tenth of an acre permaculture garden
Editorial Comment:  I remember that New Alchemy Institute once produced a study that showed you could grow enough vegetables for a person for a year on about a thirteenth of an acre but my memory may be faulty and it was back in the 1970s.

Floating dairy farm in the Netherlands

Utrecht’s bus stops have green roofs for bees and other ecosystem services

The Coral: Home Algae Farming

Green city street furniture purifies air with moss

Artificial water purification, air freshening, and energy producing “trees” for Ho Chi Minh City park

Charles River Floating Wetland
Editorial Comment:  John Todd’s Healing Earth is a great introduction to ecology systems building:
My review of the book:

Vertical forest building for Cairo Science Center

Aquaculture and solar production - Aqua-PV

Paris to open world’s largest rooftop urban farm

"A Greenhouse Large Enough to Feed the Eastern Seaboard” - or The Attack of the Giant Greenhouses!!!

Friday, June 21, 2019

City Agriculture - June 21, 2019

Urban farming solutions from IKEA  will be available as early as 2021

Brasserie 250 - a pop-up restaurant which grows the food it serves with zero waste

Inno-3b's vertical farming system is enhancing grocery stores in Canada

Atlanta, GA votes to plant a 7 acre public food forest, the largest in the USA

Parisian street gardens

Urban farmers transform Vancouver lawns into vegetable gardens

"In 1942, roughly 15 million families planted victory gardens; by 1944, an estimated 20 million victory gardens produced roughly 8 million tons of food—which was the equivalent of more than 40 percent of all the fresh fruits and vegetables consumed in the United States.”
Editorial Comment:  Just a reminder of what is possible

Food Forest Open Source Hub

Urban vineyard for a new research center in Milan

NYC office building to become a butterfly sanctuary with a green facade

Mobile Food Lab

Open Kitchens Project - pop up dinners from immigrant chefs with curated community conversations

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

City Agriculture - May 15, 2019

Singapore Airlines reinventing airplane food with produce from a vertical farm

Agritech innovations

Fraunhofer Reports Combining Farming With Solar 186% More Efficient In Summer Of 2018
Editorial Comment:  The Japanese have been combining agriculture with solar electricity for a decade or two now.

The Circular Garden - a temporary pavilion made from mushrooms for Milan Design Week

University of Toronto Scarborough & Centennial College developing Canada’s first net zero vertical farm
Editorial Comment:  Good to see more people thinking about net zero in relation to vertical farming but Treehugger is correct to criticize the idea for using arable land instead of, say, brownfields

Online urban agriculture class from UMass begins May 20, 2019

5000 square foot garden and apiary as Staten Island apartment house amenities

"Following in the footsteps of Toronto, San Francisco, Denver, and Portland, Oregon, all new residential and commercial buildings in the city [NYC] must top roofs with either plants, solar panels, mini wind turbines—or a combination of all three.”
Editorial Comment:  The same act's "Dirty Building Bill" aims to slash the carbon emissions of all buildings over 25,000 square feet by 80% by 2050 through energy-saving solutions and retrofits such as installing better insulation.

NYC’s eco-park PIer 35

Algae “biocurtains” from Photo.Synth.Etica absorb carbon from urban air

Engineers create plants that glow:  Illumination from nanobionic plants might one day replace some electrical lighting

Growing food in the Arctic - polar permaculture

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

City Agriculture - March 27, 2019

Solar microgrid powers indoor farm

Greenhouse on Mt Everest growing food at 13,100 feet

Indigo Ag:  "Harnessing nature to help farmers sustainably feed the planet. Indigo improves grower profitability, environmental sustainability, and consumer health through the use of natural microbiology and digital technologies.”

Planter Box House in Kuala Lumpur - gardens on every floor

Eco-balcony - aquaponics for a balcony in Hanoi and other designs

Houseplant patent EULA [End User License Agreement]: "Asexual reproduction using scions, buds or cutting is strictly prohibited"
Editorial Comment:  Who owns your DNA?

Can agritecture make cities self-sufficient?

"OGarden Smart can grow up to 90 fruits and veggies at once, so you can enjoy an abundance of super fresh food. Automatic watering makes using OGarden Smart virtually effortless, and the automatic low energy consumption LEDs simulate the perfect amount of sunlight, offering optimal year round growth."

Superfarm “strives to recreate an ecosystem in an urban environment. Seaweed culture, beekeeping, insect farming, aquaponics and also various greenhouse cultivations and outdoor cultures, allow each living being to serve the growth of the others” powered entirely by renewables

Brot - light that grows sprouts too

Large food-producing green roof for Tainan, Taiwan

“…urban farming experts Square Roots and food distribution giant Gordon Food Service announced that the location of their partnership’s first urban farm campus will be in Wyoming, Michigan”

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

City Agriculture - January 22, 2019

Oasia Hotel Downtown, Singapore - a building growing green a year and a half after being finished

Restoration of Temperate House, UKs largest Victorian greenhouse

Greenbelly, a vertical grow wall infill design for urban food production

Barangaroo House - 3 story restaurant and bar building edged with ornamental and edible plants

80 Acres Farms building first fully automated indoor farm in Hamilton, OH

"Farmscape is the largest urban farming venture in the country. We design, install and manage urban farms, ranging from residential backyards to multi-acre agrihoods.”

Solar Foods - a Finnish start-up venture which will make food from electricity, water, hydrogen, and trace elements to feed microbes which have "a protein content of up to 60 percent and an amino acid composition similar to soybeans or algae"

Copenhagen rooftop farm to close because it has no parking?

Urban forestry resources from Rocky Mountain Institute's Carbon-Free City Handbook

Algae Clad - “urban curtain” which "captures CO2 from the atmosphere and stores it in real-time: approximately one kilo of CO2 per day, equivalent to that of 20 large trees,” a photobioreactor in a digitally designed and custom made bioplastic container which uses daylight to feed the living micro-algal cultures and releases luminescence at night

Rivendale Farms - Automated smaller acreage agriculture for a "boutique, cutting-edge farm, enabled by technology, that produces great food” with a billion dollar backer
Editorial Comment:  There are quite a few billionaires interested and investing in agriculture:  Jeremy Grantham, Warren Buffett, whose son, Howard G. Buffett, earned his living as a  farmer, Bill Gates and Melinda Gates through their foundation, Kat Taylor, wife of Tom Steyer, and many others.

Osram’s Phytofy LED lighting system - tunable LEDs for horticultural research (and development)