Thursday, April 8, 2021

City Agriculture - April 2021

 BBC summary of the state of the art/business

BBC TV Series:   Follow the Food:  Urban Farming

“Carbon-absorbing” vertical forest skyscraper nears completion in Taipei

Carbon neutral ecodistrict for Lille, France - another Callebaut project

Plant Ag:  $9 billion startup with food traceability from field to plate

Liuzhou Forest City - China is building a city where trees clean the air

Saltwater vertical farming

Regeneration of Pirelli 39 - renovating and expanding an existing building to include a vertical forest for cleaning the air

Japanese competition for best garden in the back of a pick-up truck
Other mobile gardens in City Agriculture over the years include
Kim Holleman’s mobile park in one trailer or as a trailer park, now in new smaller model with aquaponics
Autonomous traveling garden:  Hortum machina B
Mobile green living room touring Europe
Mobile garden in MIlan

Rob Greenfield foraged all his own food for a year in Orlando, FL

Continuing Education: Urban Agriculture

Lichen and moss walls

Saturday, February 27, 2021

City Agriculture - February 27, 2021

 Urban Agriculture Blog from Agritecture

The 20 best green alleys of Montreal (en fran├žaise, in French)

Europe’s largest vertical farm is under construction - 14 stories high in a 7,000-square-meter facility at Copenhagen Markets in Denmark

Respira - an air purifying garden that is self-sustaining

Urban farm feeds the homeless in the city of Chiang Mai during COVID time

A Global Geospatial Ecosystem Services Estimate of Urban Agriculture - they estimate about 10% of food production can happen in cities

Rooftop nature conservancy in Hong Kong includes a biodiversity museum, an outdoor farm to provide farm-to-table dining, a butterfly garden and more

Staten Island apartment complex with 5000 square foot farm
hat tip Pasqualino Columbaro

Tiny forests for England based upon a Japanese technique

The New Agrarian Economy:  The Past, Present, and Future of Urban Agriculture in New York City [pdf alert]

Thammasat University Rangsit Campus urban rooftop farm, the largest in Asia

Shenzhen skyscraper with aquaponics to purify the air

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

City Agriculture - January 20, 2021, the Happy Inauguration Day Issue

 A rooftop forest for Rotterdam

Inside Singapore’s huge bet on vertical farming by Megan Tatum (subscribers only)

Evanlee Organics

Hothouse - "an arched greenhouse as part of London Design Festival, which is filled with plants that it predicts will soon be able to grow outdoors in the UK due to climate change.”

Researchers granted $1 Million to advance urban agriculture

This 2-Acre Vertical Farm Out-Produces 720 Acre ‘Flat Farms’

Rehabbing Quito, Ecuador’s bullring stadium for food production

Freight Farms shipping container growing systems partners with Arcadia Partnership for clean energy to power food growing
Editorial Comment:  InFarm is the only stand-alone growing system I know of which has included energy and resource efficiency from the beginning.  A few years ago, I had the chance to ask one of the founders of Freight Farms about whether they had thought of energy efficiency as they started and his answer was no.  Good to see that they are now stepping up

And a research project for net zero farming:
University of Toronto Scarborough & Centennial College developing Canada’s first net zero vertical farm

Mapping U.S. Food System Localization Potential: The Impact of Diet on Foodsheds

Paris approves plan to make Champs Elysees into a garden
hat tip: Gil Friend

Calculating the carbon footprint of vertical farming and traditional farming

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

City Agriculture - October 14, 2020

 Map of the public access fruit trees of Toronto

Green transformation for a railway yard in St Petersburg, Russia

Self-sufficient skyscraper proposed for NYC

Harrisburg, PA from abandoned school to urban eco-village, including indoor food production
hat tip Media Diet:

SUPERVERDE - urban greening modules

The Kitchen Farming Project - unemployed line cooks (and the public) invited to garden and build a new food future

Everybody Eats - a food relief program in Brattleboro, VT leverages CARES Act funds to engage local restaurants in making to-go meals for anyone in Brattleboro, Guilford, Vernon, Dummerston, or Putney who has been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis due to unemployment, underemployment, homelessness, or other challenges. Over 10,000 meals will be distributed in the month of August, with nine Brattleboro restaurants providing a total of 650 meals per day for at least four weeks.

Paris encourages all citizens to become urban gardeners

World's biggest rooftop greenhouse opens in Montreal

Asia’s largest organic rooftop farm spans 236,806 square feet, can provide up to 80,000 meals (20 tons of organic food), and grows more than 40 edible species of crops, including rice, indigenous vegetables, fruit trees and herbs

Vertical forest goes wild in Chengdu, China

Resourcing an Agroecological Urbanism:  Political, Transformational and Territorial Dimensions by Chiara Tornaghi, Michiel Dehaene

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

City Agriculture - July 8, 2020

Montreal plans a biodiversity corridor through the city

Singapore’s EDEN apartments finished - 20 storeys built around gardens

Babylon Bridge - a proposed multi-storey garden and pedestrian bridge for Paris

Citizen scientist finds 573 species in his Cambridge, UK “ordinary-sized” city garden
hat tip:

Guerrilla Grafters - "grafting fruit-producing limbs onto sterile urban trees, specifically bred not to bear fruit"

Victoria, BC distributes vegetable seedlings for free

Paris’ Saint Gobains tower has gardens on all floors

Wellesley College Global Flora greenhouse "exceeds the Net Zero Water & Energy requirements of the Living Building Challenge, the world’s most rigorous certification of sustainable construction."

Amsterdam’s worm hotels - in Dutch but pictures!

Urban Agriculture and Climate Change: “The New Normal”
Thursday, July 9 (through August 20)
Join Instructor Mason Trappio to gain an understanding of how climate change affects the urban farmer and the growth of new crops.
This course informs the urban and peri-urban farmer about how climate change affects them and provides strategies for how to successfully adapt. 
Length of Course: 1 hour 
July 9, 2020
July 23, 2020
August 6, 2020
August 20, 2020 
Course Fees: Free 
Course Description:
Our growing environments are affected, to varing degrees, by climate change. Increased temperatures, greenhouse emissions, and insect populations all challenge our farming operations. In this course, you will gain an understanding of how climate change affects the urban farmer, and new crops to grow in this New Normal. 
Credentials Earned: This a noncredit stand-alone course. 
What You Will Learn: 
How climate change can impact farming operations 
How to use cover crops to mitigate climate change 
How to use climate-smart crops in the face of climate change 
Who should participate? Anyone can participate 
Registration Information:  TBA
Course Instructor: Mason Trappio 
For further information about the course, please contact course instructor Mason Trappio directly at, or Director of the Center for Urban Agriculture and Gardening Education, Che Axum, directly at

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

City Agriculture - May 27, 2020

“Tree-like” vertical farms for Brooklyn?

Underground parking lot to organic mushroom farm in Paris (the ONLY organic farm in the city - so far)

How urban trees and hedges help cut air pollution

Can local food feed an urban world?

Green Concept House - a zero-waste, 100% self-sustaining home, including growing food

Safezone Shelter - air pollution protection using plants in a shelter in Bangkok

Vertical Oasis - concept for a green solar-powered skyscraper

12 “agrihoods"

Link City - proposed self-sustainable city-forest, using an urban operating system with an AI (Artificial Intelligence)

City farms underground

Green wall made from clay tiles also provides natural cooling

Which trees reduce air pollution best

Thursday, February 13, 2020

City Agriculture - February 13, 2020

Sead microplanters - growing system using recycled plastic planters and chain link fence

Car Parks 2.0 - asphalt parking lots transformed into gardens and charging terminals for electric vehicles
Editorial Comment: Car Parks 3.0 said to be coming soon from Studio NAB

Smart Forest City for Cancun, Mexico "conceived to be completely food and energy self-sufficient"

LIFE Hamburg, a new energy self-sufficient educational campus that will “reinvent learning” for 1,600 students scheduled to open 2023, the solar-powered sustainable building will feature a carbon dioxide-absorbing green facade and an organic rooftop garden

Bangkok plans for miles of greenways

Largest green wall in Europe will absorb 8 tons of pollution per year

Detroit’s urban agrihood

Underground farm in Liverpool, UK
NB:  As long as it doesn’t displace the Cavern Club 

Pittsburgh’s urban gardens and gentrification

Half of new indoor growers have no ag experience
Editorial Comment:  This is a result of treating everything as an Internet start-up in the go-goingest of the Tech Boom years and the boom/bust cycle of the capitalistic structure of our present market system.

Sherpa Light - a tunable light to grow anything

Growing food in a refugee camp - mattresses as a grow medium