Friday, April 21, 2017

City Agriculture - April 21, 2017

An apartment filled with plants

Daytonian in Manhattan - "The stories behind the buildings, statues and other points of interest that make Manhattan fascinating.”
Can’t have a viable city agriculture without an understanding of the buildings on the land and their histories.

MyFood smart solar backyard greenhouse with aquaponics

Ecoqube Frame - tabletop or vertical garden for micro greens

Purdue University Biowall to clean air and save energy

Starchitect Daniel Libeskind designs shyscraper with vertical garden for Toulouse, France

Buildings like trees:  Oas1s

BBC on vertical farming

100 hectare urban farming district in Shanghai

Vietnamese house which provides food for three generations of residents in Ho Chi Minh City

Hanoi house with plants to clean polluted air

First vertical farm in the Netherlands

City Agriculture - March 3, 2017

Floating gardens for the Chicago River

Skyville, Singapore - high-rise with each home sharing a sheltered community garden terrace

Rooftop garden in Tel-Aviv’s Dizengoff Center, the first shopping mall ever built in Israel, with vegetables sold on the honor system and the garden also serves as a classroom for classes on urban agriculture

MIT Open Agriculture’s "Food Computer,” open source food production

14 story apartment building in Brisbane, AU with a vertical forest

Urban farm incubator from Kimbal Musk, brother of Elon Musk

ReGen Village designed to produce all its own food and energy

Urban farm in Moscow, Russia teaches children how to grow their own food

Forest cities for China

Herbert - wall garden system

Thursday, December 15, 2016

City Agriculture - December 15, 2016

Guizhou – Mountain Forest Hotel:  a vertical forest hotel so green that it may also purify the surrounding air

Paris “Mille Arbres” or Thousand Trees building with an urban park on the ground and a forest in the sky

Vertical farming and urban ag tech article—A-Love-Story

Living wall in London for construction site

Regenerative villages

Amsterdam - redesigning Amsterdam for urban agriculture and more

Artisan Moss - moss for green walls - I wonder if they are doing edible mosses too

Mississauga Food Bank starts an aquaponics food farm

Living Food Bank - their first is in Haiti at the Northwest Haiti Christian Mission in St. Louis Du Nord

Agora Gardens in Taipei - a green building that absorbs CO2

Michigan Urban Farming Initiative - America’s First Sustainable Urban Agrihood is "two-acre urban garden, a 200-tree fruit orchard, a children’s sensory garden, and more. Annually, the urban garden provides fresh, free produce to about 2,000 households within two square miles of the farm."

Mobile greenhouse for urban farming

Sunday, October 23, 2016

City Agriculture - October 23, 2016

A rooftop wheat field grows in Chicago

Pre-fab green building for “live-work” development in Berlin

Farms for nursery schools in the Netherlands

Kim Holleman’s mobile park in one trailer or as a trailer park, now in new smaller model with aquaponics

Autonomous traveling garden:  Hortum machina B

A jungle for Pudong airport lounge to relax passengers and purify air

Paris passes new law allowing anyone to plant an urban garden within the city’s limits:  on walls, in boxes, on rooftops, under trees, or on fences. "Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo’s goal is to create 100 hectares of living walls and green roofs by the year 2020, with one third of that greenery dedicated to agriculture.”

Taiga Tower a “smart” indoor garden with a multilevel form factor

Jellyfish greenhouses purify air and water while growing food

We Over Me Farm - Dallas TX Paul Quinn College converted its football field to a farm to provide work, funds, and foods to its students and to donates 10% of the harvest to its community which is a recognized food desert

Chlorella oxygen pod

Target beginning in-store vertical farms

Sunday, September 25, 2016

City Agriculture - September 25, 2016

NYC Farm condo for the High Line?

NYC World’s Fair NY State Pavilion reimagined as greenhouse bubble

LEED for vertical farms

Tulsa, OK's urban farming to reduce food deserts

Seeing the Forest for the Trees: Planning for Parks and Urban Forests in Los Angeles County
hat tip Gil Friend
Editorial Comment:  My observation from years of listening to major journalists talk at Harvard’s Shorenstein is that sometimes there are also people who can’t see the forest for the leaves.

Mobile green living room touring Europe

3 “forests” for London Design Festival

Fruit walls and urban farming in the 1600s

Proposal for Brussels Botanic Center renovation as plant-covered and smog fighting building

Spherical Growroom to demonstrate urban farming in Copenhagen

Agro Food Park for the “Silicon Valley of Agriculture“ in Aarhus, Denmark

The Hanging Gardens now being built in Copenhagen will allow residents to grow, buy, and sell their own vegetables without leaving the building

Editorial Comment:  Do these three links mean an eyewitness report from Denmark is necessary?

Williamsburg Brooklyn’s 15,000-square-foot public rooftop park atop the new William Vale Hotel.

Local food can go too far

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

City Agriculture - August 9, 2016

Handy-pods:  wetland plants to filter human waste in floating villages

SF Golden Bridge School redesigned for urban farming for grades K-8

Seattle’s Rainier Beach Urban Farm and Wetlands - 20,000 pounds of fresh food, 5000 meals, and training for 3,600 Rainier Valley residents per year.

Top 10 USA cities for urban farming (Boston is #2)

NYC’s tallest green wall

A green freeway proposal for LA

Guangzhou’s Parc Central

Jet Blue’s potato farm at JFK Airport
24 minute video tour:

Infinite Green sculpture in Wroclaw, Poland

NYC’s Swale floating food forest now in operation

Turin, Italy mayor proposes a vegetarian city

LIAR Living Architecture
"This project will develop blocks able to extract resources from sunlight, waste water and air. The bricks are able to fit together and create ‘bioreactor walls’ which could then be incorporated in housing, public buildings and office spaces.”

Sunday, May 22, 2016

City Agriculture - May 23, 2016

Skyfarm - modular vertical grow structure

AccorHotels, which includes Sofitel, Novotel and Motel 6, plans 1000 hotel vegetable gardens by 2020

Renderings versus reality for tree-covered skyscrapers

Tokyo green tower Toranomon project

Floating food forest for NYC

Urban cricket farm

Farm from a Box - shipping container kit for 2 acre farm
Freight Farms does an enclosed system shipping container food production system

Planton Movil - a walking forest that peacefully claims its place and respect in the city by linking art and social change. Since 2010 in Lima, Peru, people from different disciplines and backgrounds have come together to help create and maintain sustainable public green areas

Current Extent and Future Capacity of Urban Gardening

Parisian vertical farm

Urban tree farms for six cities