Monday, June 18, 2018

City Agriculture - June 18, 2018

Building the largest hanging gardens since Babylon

Arboricole - A Biophilic Project Focused Smart Building by architect Vincent Callebaut

Mobile Greenhouse Office And Garden

Venlo, Netherlands city hall has a pollution removing green wall and a cradle-to-cradle design

Aggressively Organics’ indoor growing system "grow more lettuce in even a 10 x 10 room than a traditional organic farm can grow in a half acre of land"

Urban farming in Dallas, TX and a fellowship garden in Orange, CT

Anchorage, Alaska’s compost program

New Block Sustainable Design concept earns a patent - “live green roof" included

Agnes Denes Manhattan wheat field circa 1982

Other urban wheat fields:
London’s wheat field

Saturday, March 3, 2018

City Agriculture - March 4, 2018

Local Roots announces their container farms have achieved cost parity with traditional farming

Growing food in polar climates - Norway - Northwest Territories, Canada - Antarctica

Post disaster housing for resilience with rooftop gardens

China’s sponge city technology - urban water management systems

Todd Ecological - ecologically designed restoration systems
Fuzhou, China
Blackstone River

AgLanta Conference:  Smart Ag for Smart Cities:  Atlanta, GA March 27 -28

Copenhagen lower-secondary school which includes greenhouses, roof gardens, and kitchens to teach children to grow and cook their own food

Bitcoin mining heats an aquaponics facility
Editorial Comment:  Now if only the produce was part of a blockchain we’d have a buzzword trifecta!

Mushroom minifarms for mushrooms

Big data study on the potential of urban agriculture
hat tip Greg Watson

Riptide pedestrian bridge in Long Beach, CA with mini gardens

Off-grid home in Kässel, Germany with food-producing roof garden

How community gardens and block associations help stem urban violence

Truly, “You can fix all the world’s problems in a garden"

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

City Agriculture - December 13, 2017

Plenty - a start-up that plans vertical farms outside of every city over 1 million population, 500 in all

Smart living wall for purifying indoor air

Sky forest planned for Ho Chi Minh City

Solar powered floating farm and restaurant

Agritecture Blog

IKEA, David Chang, and ruler of Dubai invest $40 million in Aerofarms

Association for Vertical Farming

Farmscape - bringing farming to corporate campuses

Amazon patents a “garden service"

La Caverne, an underground vegetable and mushroom farm under Paris

Singapore plans to be the first food sustainable city

Hanoi cafe with koi pond and aquaponics

Monday, November 6, 2017

City Agriculture - November 6, 2017

NYC’s largest indoor green wall

Atmospheric carbon capture for C02 enhanced greenhouse growing

Food bank and community farm in Tuscon, AZ

Metropolis Farms building world’s first solar powered indoor farm in Philadelphia
Editorial Comment:  Many believe that vertical farms and indoor growing are more resource-intensive than open field farming.  Could be.  I asked one of the principals of Freight Farm a year or so ago if they had maximized their operations for energy efficiency and was told no.  This debate will continue until the indoor growers do all they can to operate as energy and resource efficiently as possible.  It may be that they can become less energy and resource intensive than open field farming but we’ll have to wait awhile to be certain.  Most haven’t even yet begun that process.

The Netherlands feeds the world - a tiny country is the world’s second largest food exporter

REACT home produces its own energy and food

Milan, Italy rebuilding itself as a garden city

Le Foret Urbaine - a penthouse forest in Paris

50% of NYC’s public schools now have gardens
Editorial Comment:  I remember visiting NYC gardens back in the 1970s when the Green Guerrillas were just beginning and urban gardening was “new.”  I remember the Purple People and Banana Kelly and the Bronx Pioneers, the small dome Buckminster Fuller helped the Brown Berets build for a garden near Houston Street on the Lower East Side.  A lot of people worked long and hard to make gardens, food, growing plants part of the urban fabric and the education of our children.  Thanks.

6 urban farms feeding the world

NRDC Food Studies - Food Matters: What We Waste and How We Can Expand the Amount of Food We Rescue

Community gardens help NY neighborhood heal after Hurricane Sandy

Garden bridges for rebuilding (and feeding) Mosul after ISIS

Solar smart greenhouse - solar electricity and enhanced photosynthesis

Monday, September 25, 2017

City Agriculture - September 25, 2017

Newtown Creek Wildflower Roof - another green roof grows in Brooklyn

Growing Local:  A Community Guide to Planning for Agriculture and Food Systems - because city agriculture requires a community food system
hat tip to Julia Freedgood, one of the authors and an old friend

Davenport, Iowa grocery store grows greens in a vertical garden onsite

Syrians under siege grow mushrooms to feed themselves

Ho Chi Minh City 10 story office tower designed with space for trees

Algae Dome

Mushroom growing under solar panels in Japan

Grow Dat Youth Farm - New Orleans turns 2 acres of City Park’s former golf course into a farm

23-acre Hilltop Urban Farm for Pittsburgh, PA, largest urban farmed in the USA

Exhale, living chandelier which purifies air 

Eden-ISS - how to grow produce in Antarctica or space

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

City Agriculture - August 16, 2017

Lufa Farms - three rooftop soil-less farms to feed 2% of Montreal

IGA Extra Famille Duchemin in Saint-Laurent, a borough of Montreal which is pushing green roofs, now claims to be the first grocery store in Canada to sell produce grown on its own roof
Urban farmer in Detroit

City Tree - "binds harmful particulate matter, nitrogen oxides and CO2, matching the enormous environmental benefits of up to 275 urban trees"

Urban Farming in Sacramento

Urban agriculture design for Romainville, France
hat tip Greg Watson

Holland’s first vertical forest

Behind the scenes at Eindhoven’s new vertical farm
And another development in Eindhoven

Vertical agriculture company Plenty gets $200 million in funding

12 Agrihoods

Drone footage of Shanghai building with space for 1000 trees

LA’s Cedars Sinai Hospital Healing Plaza Garden

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

City Agriculture - June 13, 2017

InFarm for supermarkets who want to grow their own food 
Editorial Comment:  This may be my favorite of the shipping container farms now as they seem to be thinking most seriously about reducing energy and water requirements

Forest cities to fight air pollution in China

Greenhouse for the Moon and Mars

World’s largest vertical garden in Bogata, Colombia

Hong Kong’a rooftop farms

Plenty - an indoor vertical growing system aiming for high efficiency in both input and output

Seoul’s Skygarden - urban overpass to greenspace transformation
Editorial Comment:  Seoul has also resurrected a formerly buried river:

Texas supermarket chain to grow its own produce in shipping “Growtainers"

Chinese plant factories to grow clean food in dirty cities
hat tip Fred Hapgood

Taipei “Forest Bus,” with turf-lined seats,hanging orchids and ferns that continued to run as a mode of transport from florist Alfie Lin and designer Xiao Qing-Yang 

See through garden house in Ho Chi Minh City
Editorial Comment:  Vietnamese architects and designers are doing some very good work on urban agriculture.

Google’s million square foot “Landscraper” for London - rooftop gardens over multiple storeys with “plateau,” “gardens,” and “fields” planted with strawberries, gooseberries and sage

200 square meters, 3500 kg per year production in Gaza hydroponic urban farm

Terrill:  solar weeding robot, Roomba for your garden
hat tip Michel Selva
Editorial Comment:  I, for one, welcome our new robot gardening overlords