Thursday, August 30, 2018

City Agriculture - August 30, 2018

Rooftop farm for NYC’s Javits Convention Center
PS:  Javits Center already has an apiary

Edible Academy in NYC teaches urban gardening

Hog hotels - vertical agriculture for livestock
Editorial Comment:  I have questions about this

Floating Park in Rotterdam made from recycled plastic
Editorial Comment:  Aztecs and other South American peoples built floating gardens for hundreds of years.  They called them chinampas

A Vision of Smarter Cities Through Agriculture
Editorial Comment:  I have questions about overly “entrepreneurial” and “hi-tech” urban agriculture

New Harvest 2018 Conference
New Harvest will host an honest, accessible–and lively!–discussion around the opportunities and challenges surrounding the current state of research in the emerging field of cellular agriculture, including the various commercial applications of cellular agriculture, tech readiness, and how this innovative food technology might be communicated to consumers.
Speakers and exhibitors this year will include new cultured meat companies Higher Steaks, Kiran Meats, Fork & Goode, New Age Meats, and veterans from parallel industries, including Caleb Harper of the MIT Open Agriculture Initiative, Ronald Stotish of AquaBounty Technologies, and Jack Bobo of Intrexon. Full program details can be found at

Algae covered buildings

Tower Grove East community orchard in danger

"Move Over, Community Gardens: Edible Forests Are Sprouting Up Across America"
Editorial Comment:  Back in the late 1970s, MA had the Fruition Program which provided some funding and technical support for food-producing trees and bushes on public access lands.  Thanks to then State Representative Mel King, a pioneering thinker who promoted an urban/rural coalition that remade MA local agriculture.

Urban farm and restaurant in Urecht, Netherlands

World’s first floating dairy farm in Rotterdam, Netherlands
Editorial Comment:  I guess Noah’s Ark doesn’t count.

INFARM’s modular urban farming network

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