Sunday, July 31, 2022

City Agriculture - July 31, 2022

The French Parliament recently approved a new law requiring all new commercial buildings to partially have their roofs covered with plants or solar panels.

Villa M - living walled building in Paris

Foundational Agrivoltaic Research for Megawatt Scale [FARMS] - US DOE funding large scale combined farm and solar projects

USDA now has an Office of Urban Agriculture
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Another vertical forest finished, this one in Huanggang, China

Rotterdam’s roofscape - greening 10 million square feet of rooftops

Green walls for air purification

NYC AgTech Week 2022 will take place September 26 to October 1st 2022

Bringing food production back to cities

Roof garden for an automobile factory in Turin, Italy - flowers and a test track

Australian food insecurity
Creativity breaking out on European rooftops
European Creative Rooftop Network
Rooftopedia - compendium of projects

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