Thursday, December 24, 2015

City Agriculture - December 24, 2015 - Happy Merry New and Bah Humbug Edition

Homefarm - a conceptual proposal for the next generation of urban retirement housing. It presents a living and farming typology for Singapore (or elsewhere) that combines apartments and facilities for seniors with vertical urban farming

Urban Algae Folly designed by ecoLogicStudio is an interactive pavilion integrating living micro-algal cultures, a built example of architecture's bio-digital future. Microalgae, in this instance Spirulina, are exceptional photosynthetic machines; they contain nutrients that are fundamental to the human body, such as minerals and vegetable proteins; microalgae also oxygenate the air and can absorb CO2 from the urban atmosphere ten times more effectively than large trees.

Tinyfield Roofhop Farm grows organic hops for craft breweries in Brooklyn, NY

Gangster gardeners in South LA

Washington DC building mobile urban farms

From Mumbai:  Urban Farming & Gardening Goes Online With ‘’

Flat pack pop up urban garden

Detroit urban ag startup growing insects

Urban farming data collection toolkit, now in use in over 40 cities

Renting chickens and bees

UrbanFarmers' 14,000 square-foot urban rooftop farm in The Hague will be the largest in Europe

American Society of Landscape Architects on The Edible City

Monday, November 16, 2015

City Agriculture - November 16, 2015

Roof garden connecting across three apartment buildings in Hanoi

Good article on ballpark gardens, going back to tomatoes at Shea Stadium in 1969 

Infinite Green living sculpture

Guerrilla Grafters - The [Guerrilla Grafters] graft fruit bearing branches onto non-fruit bearing, ornamental fruit trees.

Stockholm residential development with trees and gardens - evidence of a new architectural trend?

Global collaborate on food networks interoperability

BBC video report on Japanese office building that grows food

Bangkok townhouse with 25 foot tall vertical garden

Kitchen Community - restaurants to school gardens with Elon Musk's brother

Second vertical forest building planned for Lausanne, Switzerland

Ireland's Hedge School, an informal learning space for Nature

The world´s first desktop hive for edible insects: growing growing mealworms in your kitchen!
[Editorial Comment:  I've grown worms to take care of my garbage for over 30 years: ]

Flatpack urban farm

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

City Agriculture - September 22, 2015

Atlanta homeless shelter rooftop farm

City trees and health mapping app from Portland State University, funded by the U.S. Forest Service

Urban Permablitz

2nd Annual Food+City Challenge Prize (formerly known as the Food Lab at The University of Texas) open to anyone, anywhere with a great idea that will improve how our food system operates.  Submissions open Tues, 9/1 and run through 10/15. Go to

SF's Neighborhood Vineyard Project

The Cannery in Davis, CA - a farm to table community development

Sustainable restaurant on a rooftop farm in Copenhagen

Re-Nuble - urban metabollism and local food

Pop-up urban farm in Norway

Plant This Movie - urban farming around the world, from the incredible story of Havana, Cuba to communities of urban farmers in cities as diverse as Shanghai, Calcutta, Addis Ababa, London, and Lima.  In the US, the story focuses on New York, New Orleans, Los Angeles and Portland, Oregon.  The film is narrated by Daryl Hannah.

The last decade of urban agriculture in Detroit

Cook County Jail flower garden

Can cities feed themselves?  Estimates are that 15 percent of all food in the United States is produced in a metropolitan area - study by OHIO AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT CENTER shows that "by using just 80 percent of the vacant land in Cleveland, producers could grow 50 percent of the fruits and vegetables, 25 percent of the poultry and eggs, and 100 percent of the honey that the city consumes..."

GrowOnUs floating garden for food and phytoremediation on Gowanus Canal

Research study on Chicago gardens and gentrification

Short history of Detroit urban agriculture system

Urban farmers around the world

City Agriculture Compendium from July 9, 2014 to June 23, 2015

All the City Agriculture links I've collected since July 9, 2013 until June 23, 2015

July 9, 2013

Tokyo vertical gardens

Rooftop gardens in Beijing and Hong Kong

Hong Kong rooftop garden (in Chinese)

Vertical forest in Milan, Italy nears completion

Green Up rooftops

Harvest geek or internet of things for your garden

Urban beehive design 

Asheville, NC urban farm school 

FutureTech Farm:  modular farm, "like Farmville with real plants"

Mapping available public lots in NYC and helping groups begin projects on them

Melbourne mobile air gardens

Tokyo business building grows food for employees on green walls

Vertical forest office building in Vietnam

Affordable apartments with rooftop farm in the Bronx

Urban farming units, greenhouses in containers

London's Elephant and Castle Urban Forest

Allston/Brighton apartment with gardens instead of parking lots

Prefab farm and retail food store

Red Hook, NY one acre farm

Strasbourg greened building microclimate proposal


July 28, 2013

Urban Factory Farming:  Industrial Agriculture Ecologies and LED Pinkhouses
According to the BBC (, "Urban agriculture has the potential to become so pervasive within our cities that by the year 2050 they may be able to provide its citizens with up to 50% of the food they consume." 

The BBC forgets that the Victory Gardens of WWII produced close to 50% of US vegetables by the end of WWII.  At that rate, if we decided to, we could be producing at least 50% of our vegetables from local urban and suburban gardeners before 2020 using only 1940s technology.

Besides the already existing community gardens and the rooftop gardens which are beginning to spring up in places like Brooklyn and Boston, vertical farming in one form or another is now happening in Japan, Korea, Singapore, the United States, and Canada. New vertical farms are planned for Milwaukee (, Memphis ( and Jackson Hole, Wyoming (

A project in Link√∂ping, Sweden ( is especially interesting as it will be an urban agriculture industrial ecology, using heat from the neighborhood of a biogas plant and an incinerator, part of the municipal district heating system. The vertical farm will use heat from waste incineration and process waste from the greenhouse to produce biogas.  

More at [in German]

Another aspect of urban agricultural industrial ecological design is illustrated at FarmedHere ( of Bedford Park, Illinois which operates a 90,000 square-foot (8,360 square meter) indoor farm producing tilapia (freshwater fish), a variety of leafy green vegetables, and several other products.  Such combined fish and plant systems can also be used to process human or industrial wastes and even restore damaged local ecosystems as John Todd ( and others have shown.

Another development is controlled environment agriculture (CEA), growing specialty crops in closed systems under LED lights tuned directly to the red and blue wavelengths the plants use. These are pinkhouses rather than greenhouses.

Barry Holtz of Caliber Biotherapeutics (, which grows millions of plants to make new drugs and vaccines in a 150,000-square-foot, 50 foot tall "plant factory", says "A photon is a terrible thing to waste, so we developed these lights to correctly match the photosynthesis needs of our plants. We get almost 20 percent faster growth rate and save a lot energy…. We couldn't compete with iceberg lettuce farmers, but for certain specialty crops, the economics wouldn't be so bad."
More at


August 22, 2013

Living Wall in London

October 22, 2013
Greater Yield:  Series on Urban Agriculture


November 5, 2013
London student's design for marketing local food
Vancouver, BC's largest urban orchard in North America
Shanghai urban garden in shopping mall
Empire State Building's new green roof
Singapore's Gardens by the Bay net positive carbon 2 hectare greenhouses
NYC's first rooftop farm at Ansonia Hotel from 1904-1906

NYC and disaster food supply

Indoor aquaponics gardening system

Cleveland's 66th Street Biocellar - a passive solar greenhouse on the footprint of an abandoned house

Austria's edible pavilion for 2015 Milan expo

NYC Town Square Initiative

Education and Agriculture


January 28, 2014
spirulina farming on Bangkok rooftops
Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) multi-level garden house, same architect did green kindergarten:
CCS with desert jatropha carbon farming
Kimi Ceridon, the Boston Metro Organizer for NOFA/Mass, is involved in local food and personal food production.  Along with her husband, she raises chickens, has two bee hives, and a 6-bed organic garden to supplement her meat, fish, grain, and vegetable CSA shares.  With so much abundance, there is ample opportunity for fermenting, canning, preserving, drying, and freezing. Kimi recently started the Master of Gastronomy program at Boston University where she is focusing on food systems and food policy.
Singapore's planned "City in a Garden"
Philadelphia restaurant with a wall of herbs
Swedish vision of housing development for gardeners
Hackney City Farm plant shop
Milan's vertical forest
CA urban land law


March 15, 2014

Garden skyscraper project for Berlin

London underground LED "pink house" ag project

O'Hare Airport's aeroponic gardens

46 floor vertical garden to be built in Sri Lanka

Growing Cities - movie about US urban gardening

Can NYC grow all its own food?

Flavor Orchard for Kunming, China

Hong Kong guerrilla gardeners

Maa-bara - low-tech, low-cost kits for aquaponics in the developing world:  grow food anywhere

Northern CA initiative to reduce food waste while promoting local ag and good nutrition

Queens University in Belfast, Northern Ireland builds a multilevel aquaponic system within an old disused mill as a modern urban farm

Queens University partnered with Biospheric Foundation which is also doing some other interesting things:


April 29, 2014

Second highest living wall in Medellin, Colombia

Urban jungle streetview - overlay Google street map views with living walls and green roofs

Green garden parking structure planned for Copenhagen

Residential garden towers for Casablanca, Morocco

Foodcloud - Irish start-up:  by app, or through the website, businesses who have registered with Foodcloud, can upload details of their surplus food and the time period in which the food can be collected.The app then automatically sends a text message to the nearest community organisation in that area.If they can use the food on offer, they accept the offer and collect it directly from the business.

Japan’s railway station rooftop farms and community gardens - in Japanese

Net zero vertical farm in Chicago

Todmorden’s Aqua Garden

Hanz Farm Detroit - large scale urban agriculture project

Vertical farm for USA pavilion at Expo Milano 2015


June 18, 2014

Tallest indoor living wall in Quebec

Green roof farm for Vietnamese kindergarteners

French Pavilion for Milan Expo 2015 grows its own food on walls and ceiling

Milan Expo 2015 looks like it will have a number of innovative sustainable designs for buildings, some of which will be permanent.

Falling Fruit is a giant, global, collaborative map of urban food sources - currently pointing the way to over 700 edible types (everything from fruits and nuts to water wells and dumpsters) in over half a million locations worldwide. 
Crowd-funding campaign for a mobile app!

Ripe Near Me - "Why not have a site that allows foodies to connect with growers? Wouldn't it be cool if we could get all our fresh food from the local neighbourhood?…” - from Australia

A large indoor commercial farms with LED lighting at the AmeriPlex Industrial Park in Indianapolis

20,000 square foot rooftop garden planned for Brooklyn hotel

Vertical garden house in Tokyo

Interview with Eric Mandu on aquaponic gardens for as internet-connected resources

World’s largest vertical garden in Singapore


July 23, 2014

Fairmount - DIY green roof or garden kit

World’s largest indoor farm

Antwerp 24 story tower garden neighborhood

Modular urban farming structure

Open Food Network - crowd funded food hub to consumer network

Chicago’s Green Healthy Neighborhood Plan

Osaka’s Namba Park’s eight level rooftop gardens

Basel, Switzerland's modular aquaponic farming system

Singapore’s floating high-rise farms

Food forest planted in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Rainwater harvesting vertical garden on historic Barcelona theater (Spanish)


August 27, 2014

Montreal’s open source mapping of wild places

NYC’s urban farming data collection tool kit

Video of the largest rooftop farm, Brooklyn Grange, being built - hat tip to Greg Watson

South Korea sky farm - hat tip Gil Friend

World Expo Milan:  Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life - an edible wall of crops

31 Days of Urban Agriculture:  Kickstarter art project - hat tip Fred Hapgood

Shipping containers as vertical farms

Sky Farm - 5000 square foot garden at Eskenazi Health in Indianapolis

Vertecology - hanging garden system

Farm Box Direct - home delivery of organic produce week by week

Falling Fruit - world map of publicly available fruit for foraging


October 21, 2014

Vertical garden at the entrance of a Barcelona restaurant -  ornamental rather than edible garden [Spanish]

Vertical garden designs including an air conditioning and filtering system

Wuhan, China mixed-use development with community gardens designed in

Tokyo office building has green walls and a working farm - hat tip Helen Snively

World’s tallest vertical garden

Hanoi’s houses for trees

Chicago’s world’s largest rooftop farm (so far)

Hive Inn modular city farm - hat tip™-city-farm

City Trees:  zero net energy high rises for China

Milan, Italy’s “Bosco Verticale” is now complete


January 8, 2015

Seoul City Hall’s 7 story indoor green wall

Garden bridge over the Thames?

Jellyfish barge, a floating garden

Plantui soil-free indoor “smart” garden with an intelligent light system and automatic watering pump

Lettuce Evolve hydroponic, aquaponic, or soil garden structure

Ecofarm starter aquaponics growing system

Jewel Changi airport for Singapore, an architectural biome from Moshe Safdie

Largest indoor living wall

Foundation for Polish Science's green wall

Daisy smart phone plant care app

Agora Tower garden building for Taipei, Taiwan

"The Harvesting Station is an urban device designed to activate the interstitial spaces of the city and turn them productive. It can grow up to 200 plants in four square meters by keeping them protected from animals and air pollution."


February 18, 2015

Grove Labs - home aquaponics start-up from two MIT grads

"Apitronics is an open platform for farm data collection. Suited to the outdoors, our system of connected sensors helps farmers monitor environmental conditions, which allows them to make more informed management decisions."

Freight Farms - "The Leafy Green Machine is a complete farm-to-table system using an insulated shipping container outfitted with vertical hydroponics, high efficiency LED lights, and an automated climate control system."

Vincent Callebaut's Smart City design for Paris is a series of growing walled towers

Renaissance Farms aquaponics farm in a container - global open source farming with each pound sold matched with a pound to the food bank

Masdar integrated seawater biofuel and agriculture system

Vietnamese office complex with interwoven greenspaces

Aqua Design Group's green walls

London Skygarden

Barnraiser - agricultural crowdfunding site

Flying Garden Tower for Frankfurt Germany

Workplace Gardens - prospective and actual

Root - smart countertop garden

Swedish terrace townhouses with rooftop park


March 15, 2015
Robotic Urban Farm System (RUFS)

Green balcony pathway

Parisian block rehab with hanging gardens

650 foot long green roof for a Parisian lab

Brooklyn Cooperative alternative food production and consumption sites in an alternative supermarket proposal for Admiral's Row

Future Growing - vertical aeroponic food farms utilizing patented Tower Garden® technology

Hong Kong farmers question high tech agricultural park

Jackson Hole, Wyoming Vertical Greenhouse

NYC Javits Center green roof

Slideshow on green roofs and living walls into fully living buildings

Luciano Pia's 25 Verde treehouse apartments in Turin, Italy

Newark NJ largest (so far) vertical farm project


April 4, 2015

Tokyo vertical garden house

Senegal, Dakar's urban agriculture - 45% of the food supply

"PlantLab could grow fruit and vegetables for the entire world in a space smaller than Holland"

Epiphytic plants on skyscrapers to clean the air - Melbourne

Lufa Farms, Montreal's original rooftop farm

Urban/rural food study of NYC Greenmarket coming from Cornell

Chinese urban farming

Popup forest for Times Square Kickstarter

Urban vineyard in Cleveland

MA Food Plan

Berlin aquaponics farm

Seattle's City Fruit harvests nearly 14 tons of unused fruit from urban plantings

Chicken cabinet
Wendorf Academy - German urban/rural ag school and laboratory

Drought farming:  Intertribal Gatherings sharing traditional ecological knowledge of Colorado Plateau in face of climate change 


May 20, 2015

The Food Keeper contains food safety and storage advice to help you maintain freshness and quality of foods - smart phone app and hardcopy

Vertical farm in Seoul, South Korea

Air Orchard in Lima, Peru - water harvesting billboard farm

Chicago's fruit farm

Seoul city government spending 46 million U.S. dollars to establish 18-hundred vegetable gardens within a ten-minute walking distance from all homes by 2018

FAO's urban agriculture program

Urban Skyfarm

Mobile garden in MIlan

Habitat 67 at 50 - Moshe Safdie's Montreal modular apartments with gardens

Vertical farming in Detroit

Farmers Business Network - an idea that can be applied to urban agriculture too?


June 23, 2015

Shopping mall Ecotopia for China?

Spirulina furniture

Seedstock - "Seedstock is committed to working with government agencies, municipalities and all public sector stakeholders to insure the development of economically viable and robust local food systems across the country."

University of the District of Columbia, the first explicitly urban land grant college

Six year study show contaminated urban soils are safe for gardening

Urban Farming Is Booming in the US, but What Does It Really Yield?

Urban Homesteader - upcoming Web series

Pre-teen changes lawn for garden and feeds community

Brooklyn green roofed apartment

DIY green roof in the West Village of Manhattan

Vegetal cities

Climate Hope City:  The Guardian designs an ecological future in Minecraft