Thursday, March 16, 2023

City Agriculture - March 17, 2023

 Chinese natural restoration project

Urban Permaculture

Floating farm in Rotterdam

Editorial Comment:  Previous mentions of Rotterdam in City Agriculture
World’s first floating dairy farm in Rotterdam, Netherlands

Floating Park in Rotterdam made from recycled plastic
Editorial Comment:  The Floating Park seems to have vanished but the group behind it is still removing plastic from waterways.
Editorial Comment:  Aztecs and other South American peoples built floating gardens for hundreds of years.  They called them chinampas

A rooftop forest for Rotterdam

Rotterdam’s roofscape - greening 10 million square feet of rooftops

Dallas TX plans for urban farms
Dallas Climate Action Plan on food access

How container farms can help with climate change
hat tip Bruce Biewald

Kroger partners with Gotham Greens to supply more than 1000 stores

Japan’s agricultural decarbonization plan
Editorial Comment:  government press release

Thursday, January 19, 2023

City Agriculture - January 19, 2023

 3D printing houses with dirt, green walls and various crops built-in

Singapore skyscraper, Capita Spring, with a food forest on top and gardens throughout

Reducing energy in Controlled Environment Agriculture [CEA]
Editorial Comment:  These are the only CEA operations I know of which designed energy efficiency into their systems from the beginning:
Net zero vertical farm in Chicago
InFarm for supermarkets who want to grow their own food

CO2 to boost plant growth in rooftop farming
hat tip to Nathan Phillips

BBC on carbon farming

BBC with Corteva, an agriscience company with roots in the DuPont companies, has produced three editions of eight half hour programs and three specials since 2021

Growing wheat indoors and without soil

Cutting-edge tech made this tiny country a major exporter of food
Editorial Comment:  If you can’t get past the Washington Post paywall, copy the address into

Forest stadium for Milan, Italy (a design concept but not an actual project)

How Tunisia’s lagoon farms use saltwater from the Mediterranean Sea
hat tip to Monica Raymond

BBC asks “What if all our food was grown in indoor vertical farms?"

How to make vegetables last longer

Sunday, October 16, 2022

City Agriculture - October 16, 2022

 Salmon Wars:  The Dark Underbelly of Our Favorite Fishy Douglas Frantz and Catherine Collins, "a critical look at the commercial salmon farming industry which now provides 90 percent of the salmon consumed by North Americans”

CSPAN interview:

A tropical garden inside Manaus, Brazil Innovation House provides passive cooling

It’s Time to Make Cities More Rural
hat tip:  Gil Friend

NION - sustainable office building in Frankfurt am Main with gardens inside and out

Factory in Vietnam with walls of live plants

Mary Mattingly, environmental artist working on urban food systems, among other things

Edible Cities - turning parks into orchards and gardens where anyone can pick for free (not sure this will get you past the paywall but it’s worth a shot)

Here are some of the resources mentioned in the WashPost article:
Edible Town, Andernach, Germany -
Edible Cities Network -
Endless Orchard - public access fruit trees around the world -
Urban Food Forest, Atlanta, GA -
Food Forests, Philadelphia, PA -
Beacon Food Forest, Seattle, WA -
George Washington Carver Edible Park, Asheville, NC -
Bloomington, Ind Community Orchard -
Hyattsville, MD Food Forests -

Community orchards in the UK help preserve apples

This could be called planting for gleaning:
Boston Area Gleaners
Agn├Ęs Varda’s two documentaries on gleaning:
The Gleaners and I
The Gleaners and I: Two Years Later

Sunday, September 11, 2022

City Agriculture - September 11, 2022

 Sweden’s first carbon-positive district, Ljusekulla integrates agriculture throughout its 80 hectares
hat tip:  We Don’t Have Time

Nemo’s Garden:  the first ever underwater cultivation of terrestrial plants

“Walking forest” of 1000 trees for Dutch city

Winner of the Third Urban Greenhouse Challenge
More on the Urban Greenhouse Challenge
hat tip:

Artificial photosynthesis without sunlight
hat tip:

Planting Justice - community garden and returning the formerly incarcerated to community
Editorial Comment:  I remember a gardening program in the 1970s at a MA prison and that, originally, MA prisons and state hospitals had farms which the inmates worked.  As the saying goes, “You can fix all the world’s problems in a garden.”

Montreal apartment building to include basement farm

Ahupua’a - millennium old Hawaiian watershed agricultural system

Pro and con of indoor farms

First baseball stadium garden

NYC AgTech Week 2022  - September 26 to October 1

Wetlands park in Fortaleza, Brazil
Editorial Comment:  wetlands and water are probably the fastest and most effective way to draw down carbon from the atmosphere and expand our productive ecologies.  More at

Sunday, July 31, 2022

City Agriculture - July 31, 2022

The French Parliament recently approved a new law requiring all new commercial buildings to partially have their roofs covered with plants or solar panels.

Villa M - living walled building in Paris

Foundational Agrivoltaic Research for Megawatt Scale [FARMS] - US DOE funding large scale combined farm and solar projects

USDA now has an Office of Urban Agriculture
email for more information or to comment:

Another vertical forest finished, this one in Huanggang, China

Rotterdam’s roofscape - greening 10 million square feet of rooftops

Green walls for air purification

NYC AgTech Week 2022 will take place September 26 to October 1st 2022

Bringing food production back to cities

Roof garden for an automobile factory in Turin, Italy - flowers and a test track

Australian food insecurity
Creativity breaking out on European rooftops
European Creative Rooftop Network
Rooftopedia - compendium of projects

Thursday, May 5, 2022

City Agriculture - May 5, 2022

Zero emissions cherry orchard in New Zealand

Follow the Food series from the BBC and Corteva Agriscience
How we might build a food utopia
The People Building Edible Cities

Urban Forest - 20 story carbon neutral residential green building for Brisbane, Australia

Agritecture Design - software for designing better farms, urban and rural - now in beta
Example: a farm for an IKEA parking lot in NJ

Treehouse with "green walls, facades and rooftops, plus water features, natural light, and ventilation strategies to green the traditional office building”

2021 Census for Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA)

Bacteriological replacement for Haber-Bosch produced fertilizers?

Black-led urban farms thrive until they have to fight for their land

Agrico Qatar recent in-store aquaponic vertical farm at Carrefour Qatar Majid Al Futtaim City Centre Mall, Westbay, Doha

Refurbishing an abandoned building into a successful mall through plants

Living Grid house with exterior walls designed for plantings

Net zero energy city planned for Egypt - producing more energy AND food than it consumes

Monday, January 17, 2022

City Agriculture - January 17, 2022

 Forest Pavilion, The Forestias - mixed use development in Thailand with a central forest

Jian Mu Tower planned for Shenzen, China will be a vertical agriculture building feeding 40,000

The Wind River Biomass Utility and Gorge Greens currently make up the Wind River Project. Our goal is to give waste wood value and turn it into heat and power for year-round food production, along with biochar and firewood.

Arktecture - "green ocean" marine farm to be completed by 2022, creating "two new green areas: a food production space using salty agricultural technology and floating on the surface, and a layer of algae that will improve the underwater environment.”

Agro-mining - using plants to absorb metals through the soil
NB:  I remember talking to John Todd about this and doing a short experiment with basil and soil lead in the brief time I worked for Suffolk County Extension getting close to 50 years ago.  Primo Levi, as I recall, may have mentioned this technique in his book The Periodic Table too.

Moss covered living walls may sequester more CO2 than trees

3D printed bio-structures to increase urban biodiversity
hat tip Buckminster Fuller Institute
hat tip Jenny Kastner

Green wall for a highway in Malta

NYC establishes an office of urban agriculture

50 meter wooden apartment building with terraces and gardens built-in

Baltimore is building an agrihood

"How Floating Agriculture Communities Can Help Adapt to Climate Change"