Thursday, May 5, 2022

City Agriculture - May 5, 2022

Zero emissions cherry orchard in New Zealand

Follow the Food series from the BBC and Corteva Agriscience
How we might build a food utopia
The People Building Edible Cities

Urban Forest - 20 story carbon neutral residential green building for Brisbane, Australia

Agritecture Design - software for designing better farms, urban and rural - now in beta
Example: a farm for an IKEA parking lot in NJ

Treehouse with "green walls, facades and rooftops, plus water features, natural light, and ventilation strategies to green the traditional office building”

2021 Census for Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA)

Bacteriological replacement for Haber-Bosch produced fertilizers?

Black-led urban farms thrive until they have to fight for their land

Agrico Qatar recent in-store aquaponic vertical farm at Carrefour Qatar Majid Al Futtaim City Centre Mall, Westbay, Doha

Refurbishing an abandoned building into a successful mall through plants

Living Grid house with exterior walls designed for plantings

Net zero energy city planned for Egypt - producing more energy AND food than it consumes

Monday, January 17, 2022

City Agriculture - January 17, 2022

 Forest Pavilion, The Forestias - mixed use development in Thailand with a central forest

Jian Mu Tower planned for Shenzen, China will be a vertical agriculture building feeding 40,000

The Wind River Biomass Utility and Gorge Greens currently make up the Wind River Project. Our goal is to give waste wood value and turn it into heat and power for year-round food production, along with biochar and firewood.

Arktecture - "green ocean" marine farm to be completed by 2022, creating "two new green areas: a food production space using salty agricultural technology and floating on the surface, and a layer of algae that will improve the underwater environment.”

Agro-mining - using plants to absorb metals through the soil
NB:  I remember talking to John Todd about this and doing a short experiment with basil and soil lead in the brief time I worked for Suffolk County Extension getting close to 50 years ago.  Primo Levi, as I recall, may have mentioned this technique in his book The Periodic Table too.

Moss covered living walls may sequester more CO2 than trees

3D printed bio-structures to increase urban biodiversity
hat tip Buckminster Fuller Institute
hat tip Jenny Kastner

Green wall for a highway in Malta

NYC establishes an office of urban agriculture

50 meter wooden apartment building with terraces and gardens built-in

Baltimore is building an agrihood

"How Floating Agriculture Communities Can Help Adapt to Climate Change"

Sunday, November 14, 2021

City Agriculture - November 14, 2021

 Living the Noom - near net zero energy buildings with vertical forests

El Terreno - a community garden that is more community than simply garden in Mexico City

Regenerative Farm Map from Regeneration Canada
Editorial Comment:  There are examples here that may apply to urban and “advanced" agriculture.

A garden in the shadow of 9/11

“The world’s first farmscraper,” to be built in Shenzhen, China
51-story Jian Mu Tower will contain a large-scale farm system producing crops to feed 40,000 people per year, as well as offices, a supermarket, and a food court

Milan will plant 3 million trees in the city, one for each resident

Deep Medicine Circle practices "Farming as Medicine" on a one acre rooftop farm in Oakland, CA

Santa Clara, CA Agrihood, a development with 361 housing units and its own farm

10 great city projects for Nature, from The Guardian

Vertical farms proposed as a replacement for Berlin autobahn

Baltimore’s first “agrihood"
hat tip Robin Bergman

Robin Wood - an urban block made of wood which will be net zero energy in construction and operation, including a micro-forest

PS: On November 13, 2021, the city of Boston named a square in the South End neighborhood and a day in honor of Mel King, one of the main forces in the revival of local agriculture and the rebirth of urban agriculture in Boston, Massachusetts, USAmerica, and the world. Congratulations to my mentor and friend, Mel King.

Monday, August 9, 2021

City Agriculture - August 9, 2021

 Positive net energy campus for Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

Amsterdam and Paris exchange on urban agriculture

Hot Heart - artifical islands to supply heat to Helsinki and support a tropical forest

Hong Kong rooftop gardens
Editorial Comment:  Hong Kong is the only other city I’ve visited that has as much energy as NYC.

Bricks designed as anchor points for plants growing vertically

Nanbo Bay Reception Center indoor rainforest [in Chinese]

Underwater farming
Editorial Comment:  Seagrasses can sequester 15-35 times more carbon than terrestrial plants and eelgrass can produce a perennial grain.   We are surrounded by insurmountable opportunities, as Walt Kelly’s Pogo reminded us.

Madrid plans to plant a forest all around the city to reduce heat and absorb CO2

Greenhouses for extreme climates

Why we should build for wildlife as well as people

Proposal for a future garden city

Microbial farming for carbon capture and food production

Thursday, July 8, 2021

City Agriculture - July 8, 2021

 Geotherapy Not Geoengineering, Please
NB:  Geotherapy can work from flower pot on a windowsill scale to thousands of hectares and should be part of the thinking about all agriculture, urban or not

Barnsdall Art Park, Los Angeles to revive its olive grove

10 urban food forests

Architects employ agritecture

Tiny forests in big cities
hat tip Howard Bernstein

Solar Trees Marketplace in China

Urban green spaces in Dhaka, Bangladesh harbor nearly half the country’s butterfly diversity
hat tip John Thackara

Sustainable food production for a resilient Rosario, Argentina
Editorial Comment:  Rosario, Argentina is the birthplace of Che Guevara

Zero waste house that produces its own food

AI-Based Sustainable Farming Tech Startup ecoRobotix Raises $14.7 Million
Editorial Comment:  robots to apply herbicides

Rare orchid discovered on London rooftop garden

NYTimes on hydroponic farming

Thursday, June 24, 2021

City Agriculture - June 24, 2021

 Farming communities - a Dutch model for national agriculture

AlphaGarden - can a robot learn how to garden?

Pollinator Park is a 30-minute interactive virtual reality experience "that immerses you in a futuristic world where man and nature co-exist in harmony, hoping to change your perspective and help turn the tide”

Singapore plans a “forest town"

The AgStack Foundation seeks to improve global agriculture efficiency through the creation, maintenance and enhancement of free, re-usable, open and specialized digital infrastructure for data and applications.


Emerging food forest in Venice, CA

Abu Dhabi biodiversity park

"Urban Food Stories is a community storytelling project that highlights the unique and important food traditions of the individuals around us. Through interviews, photographs, and recipes, these stories intend to broaden the narratives of the 'Alternative Food Movement', to make it more inclusive.”

"Living Energy Farm is an intentional community, education center, and farm that demonstrates that a fulfilling life is possible without the use of fossil fuel.”
They’ve been using solar DC electric microgrids for over a decade in Virginia, a technology that can be adapted to urban use as well

Residential Greenhouse for Bremen, Germany

Bee-friendly urban wildflower meadows prove a hit with German city dwellers
hat tip Taras Grescoe @grescoe

Thursday, April 8, 2021

City Agriculture - April 2021

 BBC summary of the state of the art/business

BBC TV Series:   Follow the Food:  Urban Farming

“Carbon-absorbing” vertical forest skyscraper nears completion in Taipei

Carbon neutral ecodistrict for Lille, France - another Callebaut project

Plant Ag:  $9 billion startup with food traceability from field to plate

Liuzhou Forest City - China is building a city where trees clean the air

Saltwater vertical farming

Regeneration of Pirelli 39 - renovating and expanding an existing building to include a vertical forest for cleaning the air

Japanese competition for best garden in the back of a pick-up truck
Other mobile gardens in City Agriculture over the years include
Kim Holleman’s mobile park in one trailer or as a trailer park, now in new smaller model with aquaponics
Autonomous traveling garden:  Hortum machina B
Mobile green living room touring Europe
Mobile garden in MIlan

Rob Greenfield foraged all his own food for a year in Orlando, FL

Continuing Education: Urban Agriculture

Lichen and moss walls