Friday, September 6, 2019

City Agriculture - September 6, 2019

How urban farms could solve future food problems

Tenth of an acre permaculture garden
Editorial Comment:  I remember that New Alchemy Institute once produced a study that showed you could grow enough vegetables for a person for a year on about a thirteenth of an acre but my memory may be faulty and it was back in the 1970s.

Floating dairy farm in the Netherlands

Utrecht’s bus stops have green roofs for bees and other ecosystem services

The Coral: Home Algae Farming

Green city street furniture purifies air with moss

Artificial water purification, air freshening, and energy producing “trees” for Ho Chi Minh City park

Charles River Floating Wetland
Editorial Comment:  John Todd’s Healing Earth is a great introduction to ecology systems building:
My review of the book:

Vertical forest building for Cairo Science Center

Aquaculture and solar production - Aqua-PV

Paris to open world’s largest rooftop urban farm

"A Greenhouse Large Enough to Feed the Eastern Seaboard” - or The Attack of the Giant Greenhouses!!!

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