Monday, November 16, 2015

City Agriculture - November 16, 2015

Roof garden connecting across three apartment buildings in Hanoi

Good article on ballpark gardens, going back to tomatoes at Shea Stadium in 1969 

Infinite Green living sculpture

Guerrilla Grafters - The [Guerrilla Grafters] graft fruit bearing branches onto non-fruit bearing, ornamental fruit trees.

Stockholm residential development with trees and gardens - evidence of a new architectural trend?

Global collaborate on food networks interoperability

BBC video report on Japanese office building that grows food

Bangkok townhouse with 25 foot tall vertical garden

Kitchen Community - restaurants to school gardens with Elon Musk's brother

Second vertical forest building planned for Lausanne, Switzerland

Ireland's Hedge School, an informal learning space for Nature

The world´s first desktop hive for edible insects: growing growing mealworms in your kitchen!
[Editorial Comment:  I've grown worms to take care of my garbage for over 30 years: ]

Flatpack urban farm